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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do when I get my contracts in the mail?
A. We request that you initial off all services you either would like estimates for (indicate that next to the service) or that you would like to have performed for the 2010 season. Sign them then mail them back as soon as possible or check the box on the internet to add the service automatically. We need them back by March 15th because spring clean ups and gutter cleaning begins and April first the first round of fertilizer is applied. Whether you mail your contracts back or add them on the internet we automatically schedule the services you checked off that you want done for the entire year. If the contracts aren’t returned or if they aren’t submitted via the web site we cannot provide any services.

Q. What do I do if at any point during the year I would like to add services?
A. Call the office and speak to Victoria she will send you out a contract for the added service or simply go to the web site and add the service. Once we receive the contract through the mail or via the internet we will automatically schedule you for when the service should be performed (for example Aeration is done in the fall).

Q. What happens when it rains? Do I need to call to find out when my lawn will be cut?
A. If it rains for an hour or a day the landscaping crew will be behind at least a day. We do not cut grass in the rain. When the lawn begins to dry out the crews automatically resume lawn maintenance. For example if it rains Tuesday morning and continues throughout the day, on Wednesday we will automatically start Tuesday’s maintenance schedule. Therefore we would be behind for one whole day affecting the rest of the week’s schedule. Unfortunately we are at Mother Nature’s mercy and she isn’t always kind to us. You do not have to call us we just automatically begin cutting when it’s dry.

Q. When is my bill due?
A. The bill will automatically be sent out usually the first week of any given month. The bill is due by the last day of any given month either the 30th or 31st of a particular month. Your payment should be received by us by the last date of the month not postmarked with the last date of the month.

Q. What happens if I pay my bill late?
A. If your payment is received after the due date of the 30th or 31st an automatic service charge of 1% is applied for any outstanding balance you may have. To avoid that, we suggest that you submit your payment no later than the 25th of any month to ensure that it gets to us in a timely fashion.

Q. What happens if I am a few months behind with my bill?
A. If you are more than sixty (60) days overdue the service is automatically suspended. You must pay at that time remit payment in full for your service to be restored. If your payment still is not submitted by ninety (90) days overdue, then your account will be forwarded to our collections attorney and you will be responsible for his fees as well as any other collection fees. We don’t want that to happen, so please avoid this from happening to you by staying current with your bill. If you find yourself behind in your payments please call our office. An effort monthly should be made to remit a payment toward your balance.

Q. How do I pay in cash or by check?
A. There are 3 ways to pay check, cash and charge card. (1) You can give your cash payment to the crew chief of the maintenance truck and he will give you a signed receipt (keep that for your records) or (2) You may pay by check by mailing it to the P.O. Box.
(3) You can provide us with their charge card information and we can process their payment that way also.

Q. What happens if I bounce a check?
A. If you bounce a check we will charge a fee of $25.00. Unfortunately after you bounce a check we will no longer accept personal/business checks from you. Your bill must then be paid in cash, money order or certified bank check.

Q. What if I have to have my lawn cut on a different day for a particular week?
A. Call the office at least a week before and speak to Victoria and she will make arrangements with you. We ask that you give us a weeks notice because we are in certain areas on certain days. That way we can make sure that we can accommodate you. We provide service mostly on the North Shore from Lake Grove to Baiting Hollow.

Q. How do I get an estimate for a service?
A. Call the office and speak to Victoria or fill the form out on the web site and she will set up a day and time for your estimate to be done that will be convenient for you.

Q. Why do I see an increase in some services this year as opposed to last year?
A. Due to the rise in fuel costs, cost of living, labor, supplies, machine costs, equipment maintenance expenses, postage, etc. We had to increase fees across the board. We do apologize for this however we have no choice.

Q. When does the season start and what is the order the services are done?
A. The following is a rough estimate of when services begin however there are various factors that can affect these schedules one being of course is weather.
March 15th spring clean ups and gutter cleanings begin.
April 1st the fertilizer program begins and continues through November
Week of April 15th weekly maintenance begins and continues through the week of Halloween.
April tree spraying begins.
End of May (around Mother’s Day) plantings and mulching begins.
May sprinkler system openings begin.
June pruning begins and is done twice a season.
September dethatching and core aerations begin.
October sprinkler winterizations begin.
November weekly maintenance ends and fall clean ups and gutter cleaning begin.

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